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As Consumer Goods organizations transition to a 21st Century Enterprise model, several key challenges have emerged. These include increasing consumer diversity, tightening regulations, and rapidly expanding distribution systems. The Consumer Goods industry must also undergo a comprehensive systems overhaul in order to deliver personalized, locale-specific products.

Digitalization must be implemented as the foundation for operational transformation, allowing firms to embrace business flexibility, utilize a global workforce, and ensure interactive experiences. A connected IoT network is key to gathering customer data, for aligning products to diverse customer needs. Automation can not only optimize existing manufacturer-wholesale-retail cycles, but also unfold new modes of distribution via omnichannel pipelines.

Food and Beverages

The dynamic landscape of the global Food & Beverage industry necessitates that organizations remain responsive to the evolving tastes of consumers as well as emerging market trends. In such a competitive environment, organizations require an innovative product development unit, a flexible supply chain, an unconventional marketing team, and an incisive sales force.


We at GT, along with our industry leading partners help organizations minimize turnaround timelines, lower costs, and increase profit margins through our world-class product management, market analytics, and sales force management solutions. We guarantee that our clients are ahead of the competition.


Enables manufacturing firms’ transition from a transaction-based model, focused on responding to specific customer requests, to a 360-degree customer insights’ driven approach. This improves customer experience across the customer journey as well as enabling you to cross sell and up-sell all products and services.


The automotive sector is in a state of flux – emerging technology and fast-blurring boundaries between stakeholders are transforming the landscape rapidly. Increasing demand for personalized product and experience, rigorous quality standards, and reduction of operating costs are the major challenges faced by the auto industry.


The travel segment, including but not limited to airlines, airports, travel intermediaries, cruise liners, and car rentals is witnessing an upturn. Passengers today want prompter and better services at cheaper costs. Therefore, it has become imperative for travel companies to provide differentiated offerings which also ensure greater market share.
GT is committed to the travel business by applying technology at the forefront of customer experience. With a focused approach towards pertinent business processes in the industry, we envision a partnership with our clients and help them achieve optimum value from technological investments. 

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