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Our DevOps Consulting Services for Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud includes.

  • Application Development Lifecycle Automation

  • Application Release Automation

  • Configure Automated logs and Management

  • Environment setups and ongoing Management including infrastructure security.

  • Continues process and infrastructure development   

  • Continues Integration and continues Development

  • Performance optimization and stress testing 

  • Collaboration with Dev and QA team.

  • Continues Testing and Test Automation 

  • Cloud Computing Advisory 

  • DevOps Maturity assessment 

We accelerate your DevOps transformation  with current assessments, gap analysis, tailored road map and implementations. Our DevOps Consulting and Solution for serverless as well as containerized Enterprises applications included 

Jenkins, Gitlab/Github for continues integration, Infrastructure automation, Devops for Database, continuous delivery for delivery Pipeline for Cloud-Native and Microservices Application on Docker Kubernetes and knative, DevOps Analytics and intelligence.      

Our DevOps benifits are :

  • Automated release of software

  • Automated Infrastructure Provisioning 

  • Continuous integration/ Continuous Delivery 

  • Time Market with Improved ROI

  • Right-Mix of Automation Tools


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